Instructions for Going Home

Ragdolls are known to have sensitive tummy’s. It’s in ALL authentic Ragdoll lines.
I have found a food formula that works. I mix Iams Kitten food with Iams Hairball control. You can mix hard food with some warm water but I don’t recommend canned food as it contributes to feline gum disease. I understand the foods I use are a bit expensive, but let me tell you.. vet bills are more expensive. If you decide to switch goods I recommend no earlier than 4 months and gradual change is recommended.

I recommend non-clumping disposable clay litter. After four months of age litter can be switched to whatever you prefer. Kittens tend to eat litter when young and ingested clumping litter is a death sentence. I’ve not seen these guys eat litter but I like to play it safe.

Ragdolls are sensitive to the Feline Leukemia vaccine. If your kitten will not be exposed to outdoors or out door cats, please decline the Feline Leukemia vaccine if vet offers it. If there is the slightest chance your kitten. Will be exposed to a carrier of Feline Leukemia.. Please, take the risk and vaccinate for it.

Now for the fun part… These babies are beyond amazing. But then every litter is! During the first few days you may hear sneezing or notice wattery eyes. This is normal when stressed or  entering a new environment. If kitty is eating drinking and playing then all is well. It will pass. If you see signs of diarrhea or loss of interest in food. Please don’t hesitate to have kitten seen by vet.