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Hi, my name is Daniel, and I LOVE Ragdoll cats! I bought my first Ragdoll cat 6 years ago as a pet, I named him BooBear and immediately fell in love. I found more then a pet, I found a new best friend. I even got BooBear certified as an emotional support animal. I’ve had cats my entire life, and I’ve discovered the Ragdoll breed to be majestic, magical and downright irresistible! Their personalities are like no other breed of cat I’ve ever encountered. They will greet you at the door when you come home, they come when called, and they will follow you from room to room. Basically, wherever you are, that’s where they want to be. All the incredible things you’ve heard about Ragdoll Cats are TRUE! 

I moved in with my father to start this Cattery together. There’s a saying amongst breeders that goes something like “Breeders make bad pets and pets make bad breeders” Well, we disagree wholeheartedly! To me, it’s not just a business, my Ragdoll Cattery is truly my PASSION. This is not a Kitty Mill and we are not like most Breeders. We don’t separate our stud from our queens, we have no cages, and all our cats live with us and have complete reign over our entire house. 

All our Ragdolls come with a Genetic Health Guarantee that includes Feline Diseases such as PKD and other genetic diseases. Our stud and queens have been DNA tested for the mutated HCM Gene. Every step has been taken to insure the health and bloodlines of all our Furbabies and their kittens! My Ragdolls  are extremely floppy and VERY laid back. picking them up can sometimes  be a challenge due them being so floppy and limp.

If you are interested in owning a Ragdoll, or more accurately, being owned by a Ragdoll get on our waiting list and reserve a Ragdoll kitten today!  I’m confident that  once you have a Ragdoll you will be forever changed as I was.

All our Ragdolls are CFA certified and come with a Genetic Health Guarantee that includes Feline Diseases.

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